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The Date Forever Podcast is all about how to continue dating yourself and your chosen someone... forever!

We talk to couples and experts about the tips and tricks they've found to help keep a relationship fuelled up.
If you are on a mission to keep your relationship thriving, then this might be the podcast for you.
We talk everything from having courageous conversations with Bae, setting goals as individuals and as a team, navigating life with your new a co-pilot, conquering conflict and how to love yourself more than Kanye loves Kanye.

So dive on in below or on your poddie platform of choice and see what gold you can find!

Mar 30, 2021

Money isn’t everything but it’s still a big cause of conflict in relationships. We need resources to take care of ourselves and each other now and into the future, but it can be made a little easier by starting with a few conversations.

Katie Crismale-Marshall is the founder of Profit First for Tradies, a...

Mar 23, 2021

Do you think of yourself as a whole and complete person? Or does Boo play a role in that completeness?

We chat with new Dad Max Latimer, who's worked with over 100 Dads from all walks of life to help them take full ownership of their lives. His philosophy is simple: Own It, Live it - Have it all!

We chat

Mar 16, 2021

Our happiness can be influenced by so many elements like your health, your family, your relationships, your friendships and how you spend your time. But without your health, you haven’t got much.

We chat with Ben & Laura, founders of Kula Health. Together along with their team they are on a mission of being the go-to...

Mar 9, 2021

The smallest deed is more valuable than the greatest intention. 

Bruce Sullivan shares his insights on becoming the best version of yourself and then taking that best self to your relationship and creating a life vision together.

We chat
 - Becoming the best version of yourself 
 - The difference between intentions...

Mar 2, 2021

Do you derive pleasure from your own company? Or your own touch? Our relationship with ourselves sets the tone for every other relationship we have, yet few of us prioritise truly and deeply knowing and loving ourselves.

Grace Rodaughan teaches embodiment and tantra, working 1:1 with clients. In this episode she shares...