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The Date Forever Podcast is all about how to continue dating yourself and your chosen someone... forever!

We talk to couples and experts about the tips and tricks they've found to help keep a relationship fuelled up.
If you are on a mission to keep your relationship thriving, then this might be the podcast for you.
We talk everything from having courageous conversations with Bae, setting goals as individuals and as a team, navigating life with your new a co-pilot, conquering conflict and how to love yourself more than Kanye loves Kanye.

So dive on in below or on your poddie platform of choice and see what gold you can find!

Feb 14, 2024

Creating and maintaining romantic habits, rituals, and practices can strengthen a relationship, build emotional bonds, create deeper intimacy, and cultivate a sense of commitment. Whether you love or hate Valentine's Day, the impact of cultivating a culture of romance within your relationship can’t be underestimated.

Jan 31, 2024

In nature, different plants grow at different speeds and thrive in different conditions. Humans are similar. What works for one person, doesn’t always work for another. Today's guest, Aston Simmonds, discovered this as she went on her own healing and growth journey after considering divorce for the first time....

Jan 23, 2024

Sometimes we discover tools and resources to support our self care and relationship with ourselves in odd places, like today's guest Laine did….. In the op shop. Laine discovered a book which led her to learning more about Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short. Laine shares how this very simple practice has...

Jan 16, 2024

Co-Hosts of The Date Forever Podcast + Wife & Husband Team, Sammi & Nathan Jaeger share the 6 things they are doing in 2024 to keep their romantic relationship tank fuelled up.

We chat

  • The 8 Tanks of a Fuelled Up Life

  • Sammi & Nath’s 2x2x2 Dating Rhythm

  • The 6 ways Sammi & Nath add fuel to their relationship

Jan 2, 2024

Ever feel like life is utter chaos, with your happiness hanging in the balance? Neglecting different areas of your life can leave you feeling like a deflated balloon, struggling to stay afloat. Or a car with no fuel left in the tank. That’s what happened to Co-Host Sammi Jaeger.

Perhaps your career is skyrocketing,...